Prémontex Quality In 10 Steps

Capacity to Produce Over 10 000 Stair Treads Per Week And Advanced Quality Control.

1 - Wood Selection

Prémontex offers its products in three wood species: oak, maple and yellow birch. Special orders are available upon request. Carefully selected, our premium quality North America hardwood is from a reliable and regular supply network that applies strict quality standards.

2 - Drying

Our lumber is dried in quality kilns adjoining the plant. These are computer-controlled to always maintain a level of humidity specific to each wood species.

3 - Indoor Storage

The lumber is stored in a closed, humidity-controlled building.

5 - Wood Colour And Grain Matching

A scanner analyzes the different colours of the lumber and the width of the pieces prior to automatic pre-assembly. A qualified team then visually checks the assembled panels. This final step guarantees consistent matching of the finished product's colours.

6 - Gluing

A high-quality glue developed specifically for Prémontex, (non-toxic for humans and safe for the environment) is used to assemble all our products. The rotating clamps (gluers) are robotized to increase productivity.

7 - Finish Sanding

The wood panels pass through an 8-head top and bottom sander. This high-precision computerized machine sands both sides at the same time, producing
consistent, perfect thickness.