Corporate Profil

Équipe Prémontex

Team success!

Founded in 1987, this family-owned business is one of the largest stair tread manufacturers in Canada. Known for its quality products, Prémontex produces staircase components, mouldings and panels, which it distributes throughout North America.


Leading-Edge Technology

Prémontex developed a unique technology (the only one of its kind in Canada) that enables it to be more efficient and minimizes wasted time and lumber, making it all the more competitive. More than 60 full-time employees work in the over 40 000 square foot plant, operating unique precision machinery.


Quality Control In 10 Steps

Over the years, Prémontex has implemented strict quality control measures, in 10 steps, to control its production.


Consistent Wood Quality

The carefully selected North American hardwood comes from a reliable and regular supply network that offers premium materials. Also, thanks to its own wood kilns, Prémontex can ensure consistent quality.


An Environmental Conscience

Prémontex has adopted environmentally-friendly manufacturing practices to better manage the raw materials it uses and the waste it produces.


Unparalleled Customer Service

Prémontex assesses each customer's specific needs, whether concerning a special order or developing a particular colour chart. We offer top-quality products at very competitive prices as well as short delivery lead times and excellent customer service.